VCLL Registration
Sign up your league age 4 through 14 son or daughter for the Spring Season Baseball
- Practices will start February with once a week practices
- Uniform Shirts & Hats included in every registration for all levels
- $10 Early Bird Discount if you register before December 3rd


$10 Family Discount for every additional player registered (more than one player) within the same family.  
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Spring Season Prices
  1. Tee Ball
    Tee Ball
    Ages 4-6yrs old Team Uniform Team Hat
  2. Caps
    Ages *6-8yrs old Team Uniform Team Hat
  3. Minors, Majors & Juniors
    Minors, Majors & Juniors
    Ages *8-14yrs old Team Uniform Team Hat
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Know Your League Age and Division

Tee Ball (4-6yrs)
Aug 2014 - Sep 2011
Caps (6-8yrs)
*Aug 2012 - Sep 2009
*Player must have played 1 year of Tee Ball in order to play Caps at age 6.

Minor B/A (8-11yrs)
Aug 2010 - Sep 2006

Majors (10-12yrs)
Aug 2008 - May 2005

Juniors (13-14yrs)
​Apr 2005 - Sep 2003

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Am I inside the VCLL Boundaries?
Do I need to buy anything else for my son/daughter?
Yes, you will need to get a glove, socks, cleats and belt. Your coach will advice you what colors to buy.
Do I need to tryout?
Only if you are in Minors or Majors Division.  Tryouts are for placement reasons and everyone WILL be part of a team.