VCLL Executive Board
  1. Phil Huppert
    League President
  2. Paul Dennies
    League Vice President of Field Operations
  3. Chris Connelly
    League Vice President of Player Operations
  4. Melissa Gray
    League Secretary
  5. Russ Yoder
    League Treasurer
  6. John Johnson
    League Information Communication Officer & Webmaster
VCLL Board and Offices
  1. Mike Stansel
    League Player Agent
  2. Tim Reiley
    League Safety Officer
  3. Phil Huppert
    Umpire In Charge
  1. Kelly Stansel
    League Concessions Manager
  2. TBD
    Equipment Manager
  3. John J. & Paul D.
    League Scheduler
  4. Debbie Shain
    League Tee Ball Coordinator
  5. Debbie Shain
    League Caps Coordinator
  6. Shaye Johnson
    League Minors Coordinator
  1. Dave Romero
    League Majors Coordinator
  2. Ann Fradet
    League Juniors Coordinator
  3. Mike Stansel
    League Scorekeeper Coordinator
  4. Roxanna McInerny
    League Team Parent Coordinator
  5. Paul D. & Gene D.
    League Sponsorships
  6. Lance Klem
    League Vice President of Challenger
  1. Ann Fradet
    League Challenger Coordinator
  2. TBD
    League Uniform Coordinator
  3. Casey McCaskill
    League Field Maintenance Manager
Valley Center Little League Constitution
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