Team Mom Page

Email us if you want to be a team mom

Valley Center Little League seeks to provide a safe and fun baseball experience for its players, parents & coaches. We believe that a quality organization is measured by its conduct and attitude, both on and off the field. We feel that how the game is played is even more important than winning, itself.
As a Team Mom you are supporting the players and we Thank You. Remember, your actions reflect upon the team and Valley Center Little League. You are a role model. Set a good example by your conduct and sportsmanship. We appreciate the fact that you are a volunteer and can never say it enough, Thank You.

This information is not to overburden you, but to help your team run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Remember, as Team Mom, you should delegate as many as these duties to the parents as you feel comfortable with. The MOST important rule for the entire season – Make this season FUN for all your players!
1. Team Roster for Team Players and Parent contact information The coach will have all the needed information regarding the players. The roster is available from our website.  Please encourage parents to download the ​Dick's TSHQ APP for their apple phones and android phones.
2. Team Snack Schedule This schedule assigns snack duty to parents each game. The snacks should include a drink and treat for the end of the game. The ​​Dick's TSHQ APP has a task you can assign to each game and parent with built in reminders.  There might also be snack option to purchase through the snack bar. Please check with the snack bar in advance before assuming this. *****It is very important that the parents take responsibility for their snack duty as the children really look forward to these treats.*****
3. Game Schedule: All team practice and game schedules should be available on our new website and on the ​​Dick's TSHQ APP.  If you have the app on your phone, you will receive notifications and updates, which will make it easy for you to keep track of games and practices. You can also find your schedule on this website under schedules if you are not using the app.
For a quick reminder and tutorial of Dick's TSHQ APP, visit their ​​​ zendesk or watch a quick video on youtube.

Our webmaster is avaialble more often than not with any App/website related questions to make your team parent duties easier.​   (Email webmaster)
Remind the parents the date, time and additional purchase opportunity before the picture day. As picture day is very busy and to help it run as smoothly as possible have the team meet 20-30 minutes prior to their scheduled photo time.
4. Picture Day: This year picture day is on our ​​ google calendar. Each player will receive the basic picture package as it is included in their registration fee. Additional pictures, plaques, buttons, etc. will be available for purchase on picture day.
5. SPONSORS: VCLL is always seeking additional sponsors for our non-profit youth sports organization. If you would like to sponsor or know of a business that would like to sponsor go please contact our sponsorship rep under the donations and ​ sponsorships page.
The parents are responsible for pants and socks (socks are provided to tee-ball and caps teams). Your manager and your team should decide which color for the whole team and let parents know. Every child should also have baseball cleats. For Caps divisions and up cups (jock strap) are REQUIRED for all boys for safety reasons.
6. Uniforms: The league provides each player with a jersey and hat. Embroidery can be done on the backs of the hats, ONLY if ALL the team agrees to have it done. It is $3.00 per hat and $3.00 per shirt and will include the name. This is done at Valley Center Sports and Apparel.
7. Equipment: The league provides two helmets per team and catching gear. It’s a good idea to get your own batting helmet due to lice issues. There can be no writing or stickers on this helmet per Little League regulations. When you  purchase a bat please make sure your bat is a USA stamped bat as it must be in compliance with little league rules. Major stores like Dick's SG will be able to help you get the right bat.
8. Team Party: This is a great way to end the season for both parents and the children. You and the manager can work out the logistics of this event. Some ideas: Barbeques, pizza party, cake & ice cream at the park or even at the baseball fields. You can play a game of kids vs. parents. Be creative, the kids love these parties. This is also a good time to present the coaches with a thank-you. This can be done with a small token such as a card or gift. Again be creative. (Note: The gift idea is only a suggestion)
9. Tobacco and Alcohol: There is a ZERO tolerance policy for ANY tobacco products or alcohol on any field, parking lot or event. Tobacco products include smoking as well as chew. Please advise your parents of this. There is NO exception to this policy. Anyone violating the policy will be asked to leave the field.
10. Umpires: Please pass on to all parents that they need to be courteous to the umpires. The umpires are there to do a job and do not need anyone talking back to them or to hear rude comments from the bleachers. Refrain from arguing with or criticizing the umpires. Before you make any comments to the young umpires think about it being your son out there on the field. If you have any comments about your umpires actions, either positive or negative, you may always provide feedback on our umpires by sending an email or contacting League President.
11. Communication:The league communicates primarily by email blasts, Facebook, text, Dick's TSHQ APP and the VCLL website. We don’t have a lot of time to make 100 phone calls with information. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your email to receive league correspondence and that you check the website and/or Facebook for information. 
12. Scorekeeping: (Minors, Majors, and Juniors) Home team is in charge of providing a pitch counter and Visiting team is in charge of providing a scorekeeper. You are responsible to provide that person for each game. I suggest you make a schedule (like a snack schedule) and have your parents sign up for these so you are scrambling around last minute looking for someone to do these important jobs.  Without these positions filled, the game CANNOT start.
13. Patches: All players are given Little League patches to be put on your uniforms and they need to be placed on the ​left sleeve of the uniform about the 2 inches down from the shoulder seem. This is required.